JGS of the Deep South is a virtual genealogy society
that emerged to encourage and expand genealogical explorations
about southern Jews and our family histories.

JGSDS Primary Objectives

✡ promoting genealogical research for collections, preservation, and dissemination

✡ offering clear, substantive information for beginning genealogists

✡ providing instruction about research methodology and standards of accuracy

✡ guiding member Jewish genealogists to institutions, websites, libraries,
    government records, and other resources

✡ fostering information exchange among members

✡ fostering diligent documentation and promoting scholarly writing and  publication

✡ preserving and disseminating Jewish genealogical records

✡ sponsor member meetings, conferences, and workshops




JGS of the Deep South

is a member of
the Federation
of Genealogical Societies (FGS)

✡ JGSoftheDeepSouth.info ✡

Y'all warmly welcome! 

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